Press release Maastricht, 12 November 2015
Mirabilis Therapeutics is delighted to announce that it has appointed Hans Vos as Chief Financial Officer per 15 October 2015.
Hans has a solid financial background with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry including a specialty pharmaceutical company SpePharm Holding BV and a Biotechnology company called Cerus Corp. Hans currently works as an independent financial consultant for different companies and as such brings an extensive network.
As of 2001, Hans fulfilled different roles in the pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry and is therefore well acquainted with the dynamics of the industry. This facet, in combination with his financial expertise, makes Hans a valuable addition to the management board of Mirabilis Therapeutics.
Hans holds a master degree business/financial economics of the University of Tilburg and has an MBA.
We congratulate Hans with his appointment as Chief Financial Officer and wish him all the success in fulfilling this appointment.

Ronald van der Geest, CEO and Prof. Dr. Leon de Windt CSO

About Mirabilis Therapeutics BV
Mirabilis Therapeutics BV is a Maastricht-based start-up company, focusing on the unmet medical needs in cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders through microRNA-targeted therapy. Mirabilis Therapeutics BV has an extensive portfolio of IP-protected microRNA targets in several phases of development. The lead indication of Mirabilis Therapeutics BV is heart failure.
The goal of Mirabilis Therapeutics BV is growth through expansion of the IP-portfolio by acquisitions and partnerships with (larger) biotechnology of pharmaceutical companies. Mirabilis Therapeutics aims to become the number one microRNA-based company in Europe.

Contact information:
Ronald van der Geest, CEO
T: +31(0)13 543 8272
Leon de Windt, CSO
T: +31(0)43 388 2949
Hans Vos, CFO
T: + 31 (0) 6 5115 7245